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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most common questions with answers: 

You should pay attention to choosing your bike, as it is a long-term investment. Get to know our models using the bike selection guide on our website. Once you have found a model that suits you, visit a Tunturi dealer to get to know the bikes in more detail. A competent Tunturi dealer can survey your needs based on your cycling habits and present the models that are right for you.


The most important maintenance procedure for a new bike is the first maintenance, carried out after approximately 50–150 kilometres of riding. This maintenance includes checking the truing of the rims, the correct tension of the headset and the adjustments of the shifter cables and brakes. The maintenance can be performed either by the dealer or by any cycling specialist near you, who records the work done in the bike’s maintenance card. Remember to take the warranty card with you when you take the bike in for service. After the initial service, we recommend an annual maintenance in the autumn, at the end of the annual cycling season. Between services, it is important to ensure correct tyre pressure and maintain the bike clean.

Spare parts for Tunturi bikes will be available for several years to come. Contact the nearest Tunturi dealer who can help you purchase an original or compatible component. 

The dealer is responsible for the warranty and complaints of products it sells to the customer. If you have any questions regarding the use of the product or notice any issues in using it, please contact the dealer you bought the bike from. If the dealer needs any consultation, they will contact Tunturi’s contract maintenance or after-sales department. 

User manuals are available as PDF files on our website. A direct link is available here

The paint for our bikes is mixed at the factory, which means there is no universal colour code available.  The easiest thing is to visit a paint store with the bike. They will be able to mix a hue to match the original paint.

The decals used for the frames of new bikes are safe under a protective varnish. In other words, traditional adhesive stickers have not been used for years, which is why they are no longer in stock. Several restorers have had their own frame decals based on the Tunturi logo, for example with the help of local advertising tape shops.

If you have the number code of your bicycle and the lock is made by either Axa or Basta, you can order a new key from the  Axa Key Service. If you no longer have the bike’s key code or the lock is made by a different manufacturer, please contact a Tunturi dealer. Some locksmiths can make new keys as copies based on the old original key. 

If you have to leave your bike in the rain for a longer period of time, you should protect the seat with a plastic bag or a separate seat cover. The structure of the seat is porous on the inside in order to make it soft enough to feel pleasant when riding. Only the surface of the seat is made of a dense material and the lower part is more porous to achieve the desired cushioning effect. That is why there are small pores below the seat, through which rainwater can enter the seat cushion if the bike is exposed to rain for a long time. During use, that is when riding the bike, it is very rare for rain to soak the inside of the saddle. One way of drying out a saddle that has gotten badly wet is to first press the upper side of the seat with your hand as much as possible to remove most of the moisture from the padding, and then put the seat to dry overnight in a dry and warm place. This way, you can usually get the saddle dry overnight. After doing this, it is recommended to use either a seat cover or a plastic bag to protect the seat from rain.

Tunturi no longer serves with questions related to Tunturi moped models and has handed over the moped and motorcycle parcel books to Auranmaa Mopedi- ja Ajoneuvoharratajat ry (Ama ry). The club also has museum inspection rights, and it is specialises in moped inspections. The transfer of Tunturi’s product number service to the club is in fact the result of long-term work and a sign that the club has achieved good standing in its own area of expertise. For more information about Ama ry, please see their website at