Puumala Archipelago Route – taking on the archipelago route with e-bikes

The length of the archipelago route is about 60 kilometres by bike. The route includes two ferry trips. The first one is the bicycle ferry Norppa II, which operates between the islands of Hurissalo and Lintusalo. The ferry ride itself takes 40–60 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. The other one is the traditional Hätinvirta ferry that you get to enjoy for about ten minutes.

The Puumala Archipelago Route runs mainly on asphalt roads. There are two short stretches of hard-packed gravel road of two and four kilometres, respectively. It is possible to circle the entire route in one day, using either your own bike or by easily renting a Tunturi e-bike from  Saimaa Bikes.

There is plenty to see and experience along the route, such as the legendary Pistohiekka dance pavilion, which is still in operation. Next to the Lietvesi kiosk and cafe there is an observation tower that you can climb to admire the scenery. It is also worth stopping to admire the wonderful lake scenery at the Puumalansalmi bridge, one of Finland’s longest road bridges. There is an observation tower on the bridge that is almost 40 metres high. In Niinisaari you can find the Hanhiniitty Paja & Saimaa Canoeing services, the Temola winery and Liehtalanniemi museum farm. You don’t necessarily need to pack your own food because there are several places to eat and stay along the route.

Puumala Archipelago Route powered by Tunturi

Route service brochure: Puumala Archipelago Route

For more information please see Puumala’s website.