Testing the Tunturi E275 FULL EP8 mountain bike with electric assistance

The Tunturi E275 FULL EP8 electric-assisted full-suspension mountain bike is fitted with Shimano’s most powerful motor, the EP8, with 85Nm of torque. For comparison, the classic car Datsun 100A had an engine torque of 77 Nm.

The engine is quite powerful indeed, which poses its own challenges to the drivetrain. The notable torque was evident in a few teeth already missing from the rear sprocket of the new test bike. Improperly applied force results in wear and tear on the chainrings and chains. The behaviour of the engine can be adjusted with a mobile app, which can be used to prevent accidental breakdowns. Bike rental companies are likely to value this adjustability, if they choose to stock the bike.

Modern geometry

The design of the bike represents modern design, with an extended wheelbase and a slightly decreased head angle.This lowers the centre of gravity a little, making the bike more stable to ride at higher speeds.

As a bike park instructor, I tested how the bike’s speed and suspension hold up in the Ylläs bike park. The bike held its own in some fast and rough riding in the park without any issue, and the (140 mm) suspension and brakes also did their job well. Of course, I would choose another bike for an actual bike park ride.


The bike is fitted with Schwalbe’s 27.5” 2.8” wide tyres. The wide tyre rolled comfortably over roots and rocks. The tyre size also allows playing around with tyre pressure. On a hard surface, you can run slightly higher pressures and drop the pressure on looser ground.

The 72 cm wide handlebar allowed a man of average (178 cm) height get a good grip and the controls were easy to access. The shock absorbers are adjusted with air pressure, and they can be fine-tuned by hand with screw. If desired, the shock absorption can be fully deactivated, which makes road riding more efficient. A three-stage rocker switch allows for easy adjustment of the engine assistance while riding. The dropper seat post is also easy to use, making it easy to adjust the seat height as necessary.

Speed and controlled situations

The bike was most at home on the fast-paced Lapland trails and slightly more technical trails. They allow getting the most out of the engine’s power and the smooth controls. Fast trails were fun to ride, as the suspension softened the biggest bumps. Thanks to the engine’s abundant torque and powerful battery allowed looking at the route map with fresh eyes. There was really no need to avoid uphill terrain! If I ran out of grip going uphill, the walk assist helped walking the bike up. You can walk the bike at a speed of 4 km/h without having to change gears.

The gearbox and engine control worked just the way they should on a fairly new bike. Rides of about 30–50 kilometres only ate up about half of the battery, enabling you to plan quite lengthy rides with this bike.

The Tunturi gives you your money’s worth: quality parts, a high-capacity battery, modern ride geometry and one of the best engines on the market.  There is also another model with larger 29” tyres available.

Based on the test days, I was left with an impression of a carefree bike that is smooth to ride. You could just drive and enjoyed for the day, then just wash the bike, lubricated the chains and put the battery to charge. The next day you could simply rinse and repeat. The faster I rode, the wider the smile on my face got.

Text and images: Jussi Ovaskainen